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Why QoEtient - Making seamless content viewing a reality

Multidevice automation

Challenges to deliver the best viewing experience are increasing with increasing device types, frequent releases, changing network condition. Measuring and monitoring perceived video quality is critical for successful customer retention, reducing field reported issues, and improving customer support intervention.

QoEtient assists in proactive QoE analysis with deep automation support for functional and non-functional testing. QoEtient seamlessly creates real world network in lab conditions, supports 60 fps analysis. It implements powerful technics for test development, automation, and administration.

Frequent releases demand optimized QoE testing cycles
Changing network conditions and player adaption
Device and Technology evolution bring new players under QoE lens
Remote and Accurate QoE testing improves ROI for releases
Multidevice automation

Offering a simple, cost-effective tool
for QoE monitoring & functional test automation

QoE Monitoring

While passive agent-based monitoring provides data insights, proactive monitoring using QoEtient gives you an advantage by understanding your customers’ experience before they view the content in their devices. QoEtient solution captures variety of logs and analyzes video streams using high precision cameras. The QoEtient dashboard provides deep insight into player, content, and network behaviors. It also assists in triaging and root cause analysis.

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QoEtient brings best in class automation engine for functional and non-functional testing. QoEtient has a sophisticated workflow solution for handling trigger events across geographic locations. Python based scripting is the backbone with the flexibility to augment with new test cases for QoE, content data monitoring, and standard HDMI devices.

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QoEtient Product Offerings

Build Your Own lab - QoEtient Installation in operator Lab

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Easy onboarding, configuration, and extensive support
  • Alacarte feature list to scale your testing
  • Supports rich device farm
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QoEtient Product Offerings

Q-PaaS - Platform as a Service

  • No Capex
  • Fast onboarding
  • Ready to use templates
  • Free Updates
  • Extensive device cataloque
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Features of QoEtient

Multi-screen access
Multi-screen access

Automate testing of multiscreen functionalities like Chromecast

diverse device
Remote testing

Enable remote working through 24/7 access to test devices in the lab

diverse device

Frame accurate performance measurement at a rate of up to 60 FPS

Redirect URL
Redirect URL

Test dev streams on production apps without making any changes

VS Code Plugin
VS Code Plugin

The most widely used IDE for increasing automation productivity

Network bandwidth controller
Network bandwidth controller

Simulate real-word network conditions in the lab

StreamCycle charts
StreamCycle charts

Visibility into the lifecycle of the stream, enabling the most accurate and actionable analysis

Network request/ response analysis
Network request/ response analysis

Feedback loop to triage transient network issues and reduce defect resolution time

diverse device
Artificial Intelligence

AI-driven algorithms for video quality analysis reduce the number of false positives

StreamCycle charts
Smart alerting

Email alerts to notify anomalies as per the configured frequency.

Network request/ response analysis
Rich device farm support

STB, Roku, Mobile, Smart TV, Fire TV, Web browser and many more.

diverse device
Flexible test data storage and management

Aggregated data in the cloud storage for analysis and visualisations.

QoEtient - Value to Business

For sustained customer retention, managing viewing experience is critical. Frequent crashes, buffering, device incompatibility are some of the common factors resulting in the customer churn.

QoEtient proactive monitoring and analysis with powerful features of field network emulation gives operators opportunity to validate the OTT application for QoE even before it reaches the customer devices.


QoEtient is powered by the proven FalconEye automation core providing high automation capability for functional and non-functional test cases.

FalconEye is the best-in-class solution having the capability to analyse 60fps, automation testing of 4K HD STB's, test scheduler and test manager for multisite-multidevice automation management.

Continuous improvement of performance is important and apart from content, what differentiates the app for the use is the viewing experience.QoEtient provides features for A/B testing, competitor analysis of app against various KPI across multiple devices at regular intervals.


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“It’s been brilliant. Hopefully this will be the start of lots of big things for us. We are just starting out but it’s gonna be a big product, so keep an eye out for us.”


Tony Stott - Head of Streaming Performance

Sky UK at Videotech Awards 2021

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